Company Overview

The Intelligence of Reliable Utility Performance™

Aclara integrates advanced, proven AMI technologies to capture, analyze, and apply utility data to meet the demands of today – and tomorrow.

There is no single AMI technology that addresses all the needs of utilities. That is why Aclara has integrated a complete suite of technologies from the leading advanced utility communications providers, all subsidiaries of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE), to address these needs worldwide.

This combined expertise defines thought leadership for the utility industry. The leadership it takes to design, develop, and deploy a full range of utility management communications systems, all based on proven technologies.

Aclara is the first utility communications company with end-to-end data capture, transfer, and processing capabilities. Our technologies are proven and reliable, delivering, processing, and managing unprecedented amounts of utility meter data more efficiently than any others in the industry.

Technologies that:

  • Lower operating costs with tools to plan and optimize investments in maintenance and capital upgrades
  • Reduce distribution costs with scalable and automated meter reading, outage management, service quality, and power-restoration capabilities
  • Give you unprecedented visibility, insight, and control of your utility’s performance
  • Give consumers access to more usage and rate information
  • Decrease customer-service costs with the immediate data that provides customers the information they need to understand and make energy decisions
  • Reduce non-technical losses
  • Support sustainability efforts to protect our environment and conserve our natural resources
  • Serve over 250 utility customers with more than 14 million end-points deployed or under contract
Company Summary
Aclara Technologies
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